You Too Can Get Fivefold Productivity Increases

You Too Can Get Fivefold Productivity Increases

GE is Getting “Fivefold Productivity Increases”

So Can You!

“At its core, the approach depends on continuous dialogue and shared accountability. Rather than a formal, once-a-year review, managers and their direct reports hold regular, informal ‘touchpoints’ where they set or update priorities that are based on customer needs. Development is forward looking and ongoing; managers coach rather than critique; suggestions can come from anyone in an employee’s network.”

Communications skills and coaching skills are at the heart of what is slowing becoming a “ditch the formal performance review” revolution. We all know formal reviews are time consuming and meaningless for the most part; not to mention expensive in terms of time. Large and small companies are gaining more ground in terms of improved performance overall by leveraging management and project relationships and relying less and less on formal, cumbersome process and expensive technologies.

And results of this change are showing up within months not years.

To gain further understanding we’ve includes links to the rash of articles that have been coming out about just a few of the organizations who are gaining ground using (what sadly is not new, but now a re-newed) a tactical focus on two essential skills sets for managers: communications skills and coaching skills, supported by easily accessed communications technologies.

While many organizations have spent the time and money to train managers on how to coach, what may be missing is the additional communications skills that support the performance conversation. Or vice versa. It’s important to note, that both skills sets must be present to achieve this level of increase. It’s also important to note the shift in perspective on the “review” at the same time. What is new for most companies is the focus of performance conversations, no longer is the focus on the past but the future. The past is over. The potential increase lives in the future and that’s where the energy and commitment is and should be targeted.

If this is something you’d like to explore, give us call. We’ve been working with large organizations to drive these very same productivity increases by working with your managers, one-on-one to master their communications and coaching skills within one business quarter.

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