Podcourse Competencies

Management Possible® PodCourses™ are designed to be taken individually or in sequence. Therefore, they are well suited to both effectively close skills gaps for existing managers, and leaders as well as transition high potential managers into leadership roles
Courses (listed in recommended sequence) include:

  • Performance Management Skills & Accountability:
  • Learn a superior performance management skills and become more effective at driving and instilling performance accountability in the workplace. Set more concise and clearer expectations, deliver meaningful, actionable feedback, confront poor performance effectively and readily without damaging work relationships and create a culture reliable performance accountability in your team, department or workforce. PodCourse™ listed in the table below.
  • Coaching Skills for Managers:
  • Learn to to be a better manager by developing employee skills and changing employee behaviors more effectively. Understand the difference between managing for performance and coaching for development. Know how to engage and challenge your employees in their individual key performance areas, improve your team’s work delivery and business outcomes.  PodCourse™ listed in the table below.
  • Skills for Managing Change:
  • Become more effective at initiating, engaging and managing change initiatives in your workplace. Effectively apply the formula for personal and organizational change. Get really good at identifying and harnessing resistance factors to work them to your advantage. Improve and increase your communications about changes. Know how to influence others to embrace and achieve desired changes.  PodCourse™ listed in the table below.
  • Relationship Building Skills:
  • Have better workplace relationships. Know how to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships while adding value to the business. Create openness, honesty, transparency and respect with peers, colleagues, upline management and with those who report to you. Effectively put issues on the table, Read a relationship better and know what to do when it goes at risk.  PodCourse™ listed in the table below.
  • Effective Personal Leadership Skills:
  • Be a better collaborator instead of just a contributor, improve your ability to make complex decisions, and think strategically. Know how to envision the future of your team, department or business and how to communicate it effectively. Be more politically savvy. Learn where the power sits and how to deal with power in your organization. Know your own power.  Understand the clear differences between managing and leading. Get much better at your own personal discipline. Know what to do to to generate enthusiasm, and gain commitment, driving toward the future you see, and want to achieve. PodCourse™ is listed in the table below.

Please remember, these PodCourses™ are designed to be self-driven. You are in charge of the skills you’d like to engage and improve. Your coach will challenge you in those areas. You will only get out of this learning what you put in and you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish in the short, but intensive experience.

Performance Accountability

  • Performance Issues vs. Business Issues *
  • Drivers of Performance Analyzing Performance *
  • The Power of Using Concise Language
  • Leveraging Probing and Open Questions
  • Advanced Listening
  • How to Defuse Defensiveness
  • Providing Meaningful/Useful Feedback *
  • How to Effectively Confront Performance Issues
  • How to do a Better Formal Performance Review
  • * Mini Level Package Content

Effective Coaching

  • Coach Vs. Other Relationships *
  • Key Coaching Disciplines *
  • Advanced Coaching Skills and Capabilities
  • Skills Coaching Process
  • The Coaching Session *
  • Raising the Challenge for the Coachee
  • Defining a Skill and Day to Day Coaching
  • Coaching Behavior Modification

Managing Change

  • Paradigm Shift and The Change Point
  • Formula for Successful Change
  • Driving Forces and Restraining Forces
  • Commitment to Change
  • Managing Resistance
  • Influencing Change
  • Influence Strategy

Relationship Building

  • Your 1/2 of the Relationship (Attitude)
  • Self-Image and How it Drives Relationships
  • Your Conversations ARE Your Relationships
  • Multigeneration: Can You Relate?
  • Workplace Tribal Conflict
  • Social Styles of Communication
  • Openness and Honesty
  • Negotiating Win-Win Outcomes
  • Preparing to Negotiate

Effective Leadership

  • Context for Leadership
  • Collaboration and Consensus
  • Complex Decision Making
  • Strategic Concepting
  • Personal Disciplines of Leadership: Execution
  • Personal Disciplines of Leadership: Strengths
  • Political Savvy: Playing the Culture
  • Political Savvy: Use of Power