Meet Your Learning Target for Less!

Management Possible® PodCourses™ are a series of self-driven, highly disciplined, advanced management and leadership training courses delivered via video podcast in combination with live performance coaching. PodCourses™ are designed to train managers and new leaders on critical management and leadership skills, one-on-one, while engaging and motivating them to improve their performance quickly and effectively, in real time using real work, driving real impact.

Fast, Focused, Disciplined & Results-Based

Each management skills training PodCourse™ course is designed to engage and train your managers to lift their game within 45-60 days. The learning and application does not stop with end of the management training podcast. It gets individualized and made relevant as your managers and leaders are effectively coached to apply the learning on the job within the context of their current role and responsibilities and with the people with whom they work – generating impact almost immediately.

Get A Lot – For A Little

  • Professional management and new leadership skill courses via video podcast
  • Coupled with live coaching to engage and motivate effectively
  • Training your people one-on-one with individualized learning challenges
  • Using job-relevant, real world skill applications
  • Reducing your enterprise learning development overhead
  • Delivering positive impact to the business.
  • 25 years of experience and compelling content delivered to your desktop and mobile device and your face – for less.

Simple & Easy to Use

Learning with Management Possible® is simple, it’s 3 easy steps:

  1. Watch and listen to each podcast (on your desktop, mobile device, or tablet).
  2. Call your coach. (Or see them using Skype or iChat.)
  3. Repeat until you’ve completed the course.

It’s that easy.

Self-Driven Individualized Learning

This learning combo is proving to be the right solution at the right time for a lot of companies who can no longer afford the overhead of the full-blown, instructor-led learning where the time and materials have become too costly. Our design frees up precious time to get the work done. While our live coaching guarantees participation, comprehension and most importantly – skill application and behavioral improvement and change.

The Management: Possible® PodCourse™ is a unique experience as it allows your managers and leaders the autonomy of self-driven learning. You learn at your own speed, on your own time without taking significant time away from your work. It’s the “flipped classroom” approach. However, you are not left to implement what you learn on your own. We have combined our hallmark Performance & Engagement ™ coaching as part of the packaged learning experience. And this is where you will find the most value. It is time with your Performance & Engagement Coach™ that will assist you in achieving fuller comprehension of the program content as well – or more critically – the application of the skills provided within the context of your personal work demands, objectives and management challenges. You will find that you can quickly advance your own skill-set and improve your personal impact into the business in relatively short order.

PodCourses™ are built on a long history of instructor-led development programs that have been in use in combination with management coaching and executive coaching. Our coaching methodology was originally developed and implemented in 1985 and has been refined with classroom learning and proven with hundreds of managers from frontline supervisors to c- suite executive across industries, globally.

These PodCourses™ are designed to:
✓Close skills gaps
✓Build stronger, more-effective management and leadership capability
✓Deliver behavior changes
✓Improve workforce accountability
✓Improve workforce relationships
✓Create higher levels of communication

We provide both Management Coaching & Executive Coaching.

The coaching relationship is for everyone and it creates the individualized learning experience your managers and leaders want. Isn’t it time you were licensed to skill? Give us a call.

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