Monday Morning MashUp – Have I Got The Right Person for the Job?

Monday Morning MashUp – Have I Got The Right Person for the Job?

Have I Got the Right Person for the Job?!

How often do you or your management team ponder this question? Sometimes it’s more than you know – especially if your company is growing, expanding or merging. It happens consistently during a leader’s first 90 days in a new role. And then, of course, when you’re looking for new candidates for the company or to transition an existing employee into a new role. It’s a fundamentally nagging question. And it’s costing millions annually for businesses who are getting it wrong.

To answer effectively, correctly even, is akin to alchemy – a “personal blend” of experience, impression, need, connection, bias, maybe a work sample and science.

Some people’s “blends” are better than others; which can only be proven via living through the results of their decisions – taking the leap and making the investment. It’s a lot like high-stakes gambling, where the odds are based on things that are completely personal and subjective with only a tiny bit of reliable science and zero math.

So how about increasing the one reliable element? If we dial up the science in our blend to represent a more substantial portion of the  mix can we improve our odds of success? By adding an algorithm to your mix you can increase your odds significantly. However, that only holds true if you also trust what the science is telling you. And that’s the rub. (Sounds a little like climate change.)

Harvard Business Review recently published an article that states: The problem is that people are easily distracted by things that might be only marginally relevant, and they use information inconsistently. They can be thrown off course by such inconsequential bits of data as applicants’ compliments or remarks on arbitrary topics—thus inadvertently undoing a lot of the work that went into establishing parameters for the job and collecting applicants’ data. So they’d be better off leaving selection to the machines.


The trick is not to second guess the results, or to extrapolate the results to suit what you want it to mean when the data is telling you to think twice.

So if you’re going to get any better at making workforce decisions and increase your success in hiring, promoting and developing the “right” people then you’ve got to do two things:

  1. Have outstanding (proven, authenticated) science as part of your process.
  2. Trust what the science is telling you.

So what is the science? It’s the strategic use of assessment tools. Maybe you’ve tried this already, maybe you haven’t. If you’ve done it before and were unhappy or dissatisfied – did you have both elements in play? There are a lot of assessment tools out there, but there are more decision-makers who discount the data or misinterpret what it’s telling them.

If you haven’t tried using assessments, would you like to? Or perhaps you’re ready for something better? We’re offering a sample of the industry’s “gold standard” of science to see if adding this to your “blend” for hiring, promoting, succession and targeted development efforts pays off – big.

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