Monday Morning MashUp: Gamification – T&D’s Modern Warfare

Monday Morning MashUp: Gamification – T&D’s Modern Warfare


Training & Development’s Modern Warfare

It’s a fantastic thing! Bringing game theory to the table for workplace learning is brilliant and beautiful. For those who still think it may not be an appropriate paradigm – you are not living in the real world. We are already playing. We all know who the corner office camper is – lying in wait to sabotage the next change effort. We all know who Political Sally is, doing her best to take the credit for work her team has done. The only thing really missing is the means to take them out so we can effectively level up. That and we can’t throw ourselves on top of the meeting agenda and kill off our ability to have to participate in a round of plodding project meetings that we know will be unsuccessful time burner. If only the “easy button” would allow us to regenerate, regroup and start over with the knowledge of what  obstacles to avoid – give that immediate do-over once we’ve learned where all the IED’s are located. And yes, if we can’t hack it, we can always rage-quit and walk away. Replicating this in the learning environment may just give us the satisfaction we need – especially if we’re learning the skills we’ll really need to work better as a team, strategize a way forward, communicate under pressure, get deadlines met, achieve successful project completion and maybe see some advancement or promotion. I say “game on!”

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