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Leadership DevelopmentHave A Leadership Edge

Leadership lives at every level in an organization. It begins with the individual, but it finds it edge as a team. Competing effectively now and in the future, you must have both: effective leaders and effective leadership teams.

Leading is not a group activity. It is a solo pursuit taken, in the first instance by the individual who desires to lead. In so doing, leadership occurs. Leadership capability does not reside in individuals, for leadership is always relational, requiring a leader, followers and a shared endeavor. Commitment by all to the shared endeavor, creates momentum, builds mass, and ultimately makes a difference (creates change). This can happen at any level in an organization and to a varying degree of magnitude.

The annual spend on leadership development programs is $14 billion + (2012 Bersin Study). However, it’s becoming apparent that those programs are not fully delivering (Why Leadership Development Programs Fail), mostly because they are too much, too broad, too inclusive, too overwhelming; a long list of leadership standards, and a complex web of dozens of competencies. But mostly, because there is no context (real time immediate relevance – personalization) for the leader in attendance.

Juice up the leadership program you’ve already invested in. Add the personalization necessary to actually cultivate your leaders. Grow and support leaders one at a time:

1. Focus on the Leader: Cultivate An Authentic Leader

Mid-Level Leader Coaching
Senior and Executive Level Coaching

We work with your individual leaders to ensure they receive the personalization necessary to actually develop, change and improve as leaders. We’ll do this “In Concert” working behind or alongside your leadership development program. Or you can choose to “Go Solo” and we’ll work on an individual or cohort basis. Cultivate who your leaders are in direct association with where your company wants to go.

2. Focus on the Leadership Team

Business challenges continue to grow exponentially in terms of complexity, interconnectedness, the speed of change, and there is more to come. No single leader can effectively meet all the demands placed on them. More brains working to create solutions, generate ideas, create strategies have always been better than one. Teams have so much more potential than individuals to rise to the growing current and future challenges that face all organizations.

Leadership Team Coaching

We work with your leadership team to become significantly more effective in dealing with the following challenges:

  • Managing a Full Array of Expectations
  • Running and Transforming the Business in Parallel
  • Working Effectively Through Systemic Conflict
  • Living and Functioning in Multiple Memberships (multiple teams)
  • Functioning Freely in Complexity and Interconnectedness
  • Working Well Virtually and In Person
  • Embracing the Challenge of Interconnection and Relationship- Stop Focusing on the Parts
  • Restoring Trust
  • Increasing the Quality of Engagement
  • Effective Collaboration

Leadership is taken, not given. Pick up the phone, give us a call. What are you waiting for? 800.837.8175