Let’s Talk Accountability – Tough Conversations

Tough Conversations

Are your managers waiting it out? Hoping for more? Repeating themselves? Recommending people for jobs in other departments just to get them out from under their purview? Doing “work-arounds” in order to produce despite a person on the team? Biting their tongues? Biding their time? …. until something changes….

That “something” is them. Accountability – the willingness to accept full responsibility – is built on two things:fela

  1. Relationships
  2. Conversations

Driving ownership for results and holding others accountable is more than just giving feedback and telling people what to do. It’s about building relationships, instilling confidence and trust. Most importantly, it’s about having the capability and the fortitude to sit eyeball to eyeball and have the tough conversations when necessary.

Your conversations ARE your relationships. Strong relationships can handle tough performance issues. While unaddressed issues have a negative effect on performance – for both a manager and an employee.

48% of Your Manager’s Time

Up to 48% or more of a manager’s time is spend in contact with others – communicating, meeting, dealing, discussing, etc. If you think about it, how much of that time is well-spent?

The Management: Possible®

Performance Accountability Program

Performance Accountability teaches your managers how to effectively use and apply a comprehensive set of critical skills that build a culture of accountability. Skills can be effectively applied when working with employees, peers and even up-line managers.

This experience is designed to engage and challenge participants, no matter their current level, to become more confident and capable in their ability to execute important performance conversations both on an informal, day-to-day basis as well as within the framework of the formal performance review.

Successful completion results in a firmer understanding of how to accurately analyze performance issues, call people into accountability, build trust and critical thinking while keeping positive working relationships in tact.



Achieving a thorough understanding the content and the skills is not the hard part of of the learning curve; you’ve got smart people – it’s the consistent and improved application of the skills in on the job. When you invest in training, you invest in behavior change – we make sure you get it.


Choose a delivery option that best suits your learners:Performance Conversation

  • Offer a deeper, hands-on learning with a full-day of live instruction on-site, or
  • Provide an integrated, self-driven, web-based Video PodCourse™

Either way, every participant receives personalized development through a one-on-one, live coaching experience, with a certified coach who has both coaching and business experience.

If you’d like more accountability from your leaders, managers and employees, contact us for more information.