Personalized Learning

What is Personalized Learning & How is it Different?

Personalized learning is now becoming all the rage for 2014. At Management: Possible®, we’ve been personalizing learning and development experiences for over 20 years. What we can share with you is that it means different things to different employees, managers and organizational learning and development departments. So it’s important to define what it means, and understand what you want in terms of personalization.

What’s the Difference Between Personalization, Individualization and Customization?

Simply put, personalization is about the learner, individualization is about the approach and content, and customization is about the program flexibility. With Management: Possible® you get all three.

Why is Personalization the Most Important?

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity. And with opportunity comes responsibility. We no longer manage knowledge workers the same way we’ve managed industrial workers of the past 100 years. Employees are expected to be more self-aware and pro-active when it comes to professional development and staying on top of their game to seize on projects and opportunities that come their way. While many companies continue to support learning (either programmatically, financially or both), it is becoming more the norm (organizationally and job role expected) for individuals to make time, take time, get time to develop when needed. Learning and development departments are meeting that expectation with the implementation of customized and individualized learning platforms, resources and tools. However, personalization has been elusive because it’s difficult to provide in scale. However, personalized learning directly impacts employee engagement at a significant level. Only personalized learning can provide the missing ingredient of context when it comes to learning new skills.

Coaching is the best known, most researched, widely accepted and continuously proven successful mode of personalized learning that the corporate environment has experienced. (Only when “coaching” is understood to be developmental as opposed to punitive).

At Management: Possible® we coach every learner in every experience. It’s the primary means of applied learning, skill transfer, behavior change and mastery over performance objectives of the learner. We do so in a scalable way, at a reasonable cost, with significant results in less than a business quarter. Just ask our clients.

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