Performance Management and Accountability

Performance Management and Accountability
Mastery of the performance management principles, processes, behaviors and skills to drive ownership of accountability by employees, to achieve high levels of performance

Learning and Application:
• Understand and apply the underlying principles of ownership and accountability.
• Understand and apply the drivers of performance: analyze performance for more targeted and effective performance conversations.
• Understand and apply the processes of frequent and consistent feedback and formal and informal performance review.
• Be able to competently apply the behaviors and skills of performance management.

• Highly skilled performance managers.
• Strong employee ownership of their accountabilities.
• Higher performing employees.
• Greater employee satisfaction.
• Better business productivity and results.

Skills & Behaviors:
• Negotiating appropriate accountabilities and performance
• Providing regular and consistently better performance feedback
• Conducting more meaningful performance reviews (if you’re still having them)
• Confronting ownership of under performance and driving accountability
• Attending and standing in the moment
• Advanced listening
• Using concise language
• Honesty and credibility
• Probing for ownership and clarity
• Eliminating leads/Driving critical thinking