Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution
Mastery of the conflict resolution principles, processes, behaviors and skills necessary to reconcile strongly felt, opposing views or positions of individuals or groups, to reach a mutually acceptable outcome and establish workable relationships between the opposing parties.

Learning and Application:
• Understand the types and degrees of conflict.
• Understand how conflict escalates.
• Understand and learn how to differentiate between tribes in the organization.
• Understand the difference between compromise and collaboration in resolving conflict.
• Be able to competently apply the behaviors and skills of conflict resolution

• Highly skilled conflict resolvers.
• Stronger relationships through understanding and empathy.
• Greater collaboration between individuals and between groups in the organization.
• Reduced conflict.

Skills & Behaviors:
• Differentiating between tribes
• Identifying tribal operating rules and values
• Identifying over-riding organizational values
• Dealing with, not hiding conflict
• Negotiating
• Dealing with anger
• Displaying empathy
• Being honest
• Using critical thinking
• Challenging assumptions
• Suspending attachment
• Tolerating ambiguity
• Collaborating