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Tacit Knowledge.001Making outstanding,
top-notch, high-performing
management and leadership possible.

Performance excellence is built on explicit as well as tacit knowledge. However, it’s the tacit smarts that make all the difference. So how do you capture it? Transfer it? Leverage it? Create learning that includes personal contact – face time, regular interaction and trust. This kind of knowledge can only be revealed through practice in a particular context and transmitted through social networks. It is “captured” when the knowledge holder joins a network or a community of practice.

You can build a community of managers and leaders who practice excellence.

Invest in Your Future Business

Learning and development isn’t just about closing skills gaps, addressing higher performance and productivity; it’s also about investing in the future – the future of your business, the future of your employees. And it’s about building culture. The quality of your learning drives the quality of your culture. Are you the brand you want to be? Let us help you get there.

We offer easily deployed, easily integrated and personalized learning experiences for individuals, small teams, multiple teams, or large groups of employees. To learn more, receive a reference and discuss the possibilities please contact us.

Deliver More Strategic Learning

Learning has never been more vital to the success of the modern enterprise. Whether you’re a large global organization, a growing business or an emerging local business, you need to embrace learning and development as the best way to confront and conquer your talent challenges. The fundamental management skills and leadership gaps that exist in most organizations can’t be addressed through recruiting.

If you want to be learning leader in business, you must solidify your role as a conduit to business success — not through better program design but through better learning infrastructure, information access, and adaptable learning opportunities for a variety of audiences. Learners need to connect with learning resources on a daily basis to effectively perform their jobs, and this is only going to become more paramount going forward.

Learning can’t exist within its own silo. It’s vital to connect development to performance, succession and other talent, HR and workforce functions. You also need to work with your executive leadership, HR and line managers to put development at the center of every people function.

Management: Possible® delivers enterprise learning programs built to suit your specific management training, leadership training, individual development and organizational needs. Our content is designed to be flexible. Our skills training is modular allowing you to create a course for your management team or leadership team that targets the specific skills gap at your organization.

Your managers and leaders have plenty to do. The question is, how well are they doing it?

Are you keeping your best people? You already know the top two reasons that people leave a company are:

  • They have a poor relationship with their manager
  • They have limited or no opportunity for growth

Bad managers are costing you more than you know….in a recent Hogan study it was found that anywhere from half to three quarters of all managers will fail.


We can not only “mitigate” bad management behavior – we can turn it around to “brilliant” management behavior!

Build the talent you’ve already got! And keep it! You can effectively build a flexible, highly-skilled, clearly focused and fully accountable team of professional managers and leaders. Call us today at 1-800-387-8175

Address An Individual

You can also target individual manager or executive development needs by incorporating our gold standard assessment tools as part of the development experience.

For more information on our Profile Assessments click here.

Address A Team

You can target team performance issues. Conflicts between managers and employees or overall team fit and productivity. Learn how this can be done specifically within your company by getting in touch and speaking with a learning designer.

Make It Personal

It’s not enough to customize a learning program. Nor is it enough to individualize the content. If you expect an authentic ROI – you must personalize the experience from content to application. See how you can make this happen. Read more about Personalization.

Make It Self-Driven

When your workforce is mobile or dispersed – perhaps it’s both. Or maybe you’ve got to deliver programming that’s available when the learner is. Take a look at our PodCourse™ programs. You get both the self-driven delivery platform in addition to the personalized learning application we’ll make you famous for.

To learn more about our competency expertise click here.

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