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Our need to connect is stronger than our need for safety*

“Human beings have a need to belong that is considered by neuroscientists and psychologists to be more powerful than the need for physical safety and security. As we learn more about the neuroscience behind social interactions, we are learning that interactions cause us to either move towards others or move from others, and each interaction has the power to trigger protection or growth.

Interactions trigger states of mind, which are driven by our millions of minute-by-minute neurochemical reactions, translating into how we build trusting relationships with others, how we communicate, and how we shape our environments for mutual success. Conversational intelligence® is what separates those who are successful from those who are not – in business and in relationships. “
– Judith E. Glaser, The Creating WE Institute

Individualized, personalized,

contextualized development.

Micro investments for macro impacts.

What You Can Expect

“Put the tools to use today and tore it up….fantastic conversation with an employee (the “not making the phone call story”)…..and (as much as it pained me)….I kept my mouth shut J….I laid out for him the intent of the meeting……then set the stage of what was on my mind re: the task I assigned…….then asked him to talk to me about the choice(s) he made from that point….. (followed up with “what would have been a better choice”).  After which and engaging dialogue emerged that helped us learn more about each other and how we “operate” in a business environment. Thanks for the discussion yesterday…….tremendous value.”
– Engineering Manager, Industrial Manufacturer

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