Large Scale Coaching Programs

Large Scale Coaching Programs

Management Possible® can capably scale Performance and Engagement (skills & behavioral) Coaching™ services to coach high numbers of individuals within a single organization, in twelve month period, located nationally and internationally.

Our large scale coaching programs can scale both externally and internally.

Through our ability to scale programs and coaching so effectively, we can reach a density factor rapidly resulting in palpable cultural change with substantial business impacts. We can quickly establish environments to create opportunities for coaching transference. While we are engaged in coaching behind a development program, we work with you to implement an exceptional coaching experience that is completely transferable to the appropriate, credible and capable employees within a targeted time frame you can successfully and comfortably handle.

Our primary focus in delivering coaching impact in large scale coaching programs is to train and support you in maintaining a credible coaching service within your organization that promotes your focus on your core business.

A large-scale coaching program is considered 250 managers or more. We coach to scale within reason, business alignment , and budget .

We hold the line on maintaining the coaching integrity and delivering the performance results.

Contact us to ask more questions on how we can assist you in establishing you’re a coaching culture or large scale coaching program.