External Coaching

External Coaching Capability

Management Possible® is the expert Performance and Engagement Coaching™ provider. It is our core business. Our coaches have averaged over 600 hours of coaching per year, we have the experience and the track record to make significant coaching impacts in your business.

There are distinct advantages to implementing an external management coaching or leadership coaching program as part of your growth and development strategy:

  • Create a higher degree of success of your existing leadership and management development programs
    by instituting action coaching behind them.
  • Protect your learning investment with high impact Performance and Engagement Coaching™ to deliver stronger results.
  • Establish a coaching culture with experts first — model the change you want to see.
  • Reduce the internal politics associated with internal coaching, like trust and honesty and lack of credibility.

An external Management Possible coach is there solely for the individual’s growth, development and ultimate achievement in exceptional performance. An Management Possible external coaching program is there to work in concert with your existing development systems, processes, assessments and policies without adding prohibitive costs, but wholly sharing accountability for delivering results.

Our external coaching service includes: face-to-face coaching, group coaching, telephone coaching and podCoaching™

All of our coaches have three critical things going for them:

  • They are all trained and certified as Performance and Engagement Coaches™
  • They all have business experience
  • They all have coaching experience. You are never a test ground for their work.

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