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Nearly two-thirds of CEO’s (and 50% of Executives) do not receive outside leadership advice – but nearly all want it.

– 2013 Executive Coaching Survey, Standford Graduate School of Business, Center for Leadership Development and Research

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself” – Bill McCartney

Executives, in order to be effective leaders, must be able to capably draw upon their skills, knowledge and experience. However, the very environment in which they operate can serve as a barrier to professional development. This is because at the executive level, an individual’s access to open and honest peer feedback as well as any kind of informal learning, training or authentic mentoring is often impractical. This is generally a result of political pressures and personal agendas that can get in the way of honest communication and transparency of intent, driving executives to withhold or suppress relative and sometimes critical developmental needs.
Whatever the reason, be they a solid performer who wants stronger capabilities or an executive in crisis, Management: Possible® executive coaching provides the personal and professional support and discipline to achieve his or her desired goals. More importantly, Management: Possible® delivers a structured engagement that also aligns with the organizational goals ensuring a net positive impact to the business.

The Silent Partner™ Executive Coaching Program

The Silent Partner™ Executive Coaching Program is a totally personalized experience for each executive. Our trained and credentialed executive coaches work monthly with each executive one-on-one. Coaches are able to quickly assess desired learning needs and formulate a development plan designed to challenge the executive while charting their own growth.However, all coaching is targeted to also align organizational goals and objectives relative to the individual’s job role and expected performance capability. Both the executive and the coach accept full accountability for successful achievement and desired results.

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