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Are you struggling to get your managers to engage in meaningful coaching and development of their employees?

Over the last several years, coaching implementation efforts have been studied and consistently, year over year, companies find themselves struggling to get managers to spend the time actually coaching employees – even after they’ve been provided with the training and job aides to do so. The primary reasons given by managers regarding their lack of performance around coaching are:
Not enough time
Lack of accountability
Lack of commitment (on both employee and manager’s part)

The disconnect: Managers are promoted to, hired in, and rewarded for delivering business results. That’s what they’re good at and comfortable with; so that’s what they focus on – meaning, it’s how they choose to spend their time. Managers are focused more on the business – less on the people. It’s the mindset, not the skill set.

What is in the Program?

The program provides managers with a specific coaching model, framework and process that can be applied easily within the context of a busy day as well as understand how utilizing the process connect directly to their business results while adding both value and credibility to their own performance. Additionally, each manager can also learn about their own management style and needs as well as those of their employees and how their style contributes to their coaching effectiveness and overall success in driving development and change. We’ve also incorporated the latest in Neuroscience and Neurochemistry and how that impacts Conversational Intelligence®

Who is the program for?

The program is designed dynamically for managers and leaders at any level. Management: Possible® content flexibly targets the skill application toward mid-level managers through to executive-level leaders so you gain increased personal effectiveness regardless of where in the organization your management group sits.

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