Coaching Skills for Managers

Mastery of the coaching principles, processes, behaviors and skills essential to providing employees with a disciplined environment for the continuous practice, review and improvement of their desired behaviors and skills.

Coaching = Focus on Development

Learning and Application:

• Understand and apply the principles of adult learning and coaching.
• Understand how to motivate and drive change in performance through coaching.
• Understand how to challenge and drive the learning of others and create and maintain a learning environment.
• Understand how to create exercises and assignments which engage specific learning.
• Be able to competently apply the behaviors and skills of coaching.

• Highly skilled coaches acting as change agents to lift employee performance.
• A disciplined, challenging, effective learning environment.
• Employees committed to self driven learning.
• Superior behavior and skill application by employees.

Skills & Behaviors:
• Building learner’s confidence in the coach
• Confronting ownership of the need to learn
• Motivating and driving change in performance
• Differentiating whether behavior or skill change is required
• Driving discipline in practice and review
• Facilitating self driven learning
• Recognizing learner’s degree of commitment and challenge
• Constructing appropriate learning assignments
• Tracking and documenting learning

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