Coaching Packages & Services

A coaching engagement can drive positive results in multiple formats. Our 30-year, successful history of coaching has given us both the expertise and experience to deliver quality coaching to your organization in almost any format you require. Below are the most requested coaching packages.

 Personalized Individual Coaching Packages

These packages are designed for your individual employees,  managers or executives who would like either development around specific target areas, or who would like to both discover performance gaps and then address them. These packages are best used in combination with an assessment and those assessment results, or at a point of transition or challenge. For example, when a manager transitions to a position of leadership, or an on-going area of challenge such as employee engagement issues.

Clients are paired with with a coach who has both the business experience as well as a track record for success in addition to coaching certification. It’s important that the client and coach have synergy or personal chemistry as well as trust for an effective engagement.

Coaching Packages start at a minimum of 4, 1-hour sessions. Contact us to learn more.

 Group or Team Coaching Packages

Sometimes coaching one person just isn’t enough to create the impact your looking for. So much of the work we do now is group work. Employees, managers and leaders must contribute as team members as well as operate as team leads. Sometimes, teams are driving and managing other teams. New management structures are creating different demands in terms of skills and behaviors that not everyone possesses and not everyone is effectively engaging and the most productive levels.

To this end, you can implement a group or team coaching effort, which puts a coach on the team, focused on improving team dynamics, team relationships and overall team productivity. Group and team coaching is designed to optimize your team structures where every team member benefits, engages at a higher level and is expected to personally lift performance within the context of the team.

Group coaching can also be done in the context of like positions – meaning a group of managers who all manage different areas of the business but face some of the same challenges. This coaching experience is designed to assist your managers in addressing issues as a group, driving skill development, behavior change, coaching development, consistency and camaraderie amongst your management team.

Contact us to learn more about how your team or group coaching can impact your business.

 Coaching On-Demand

Coaching On-Demand is available for organizations who are familiar with the utilization of coaching. It is our experience that merely offering a coaching service to employees does not generate an impacting usage of such an offering. What we don’t want is a service that is paid for and not used or is used improperly and doesn’t meet organizational expectations.

Employees, managers and leaders do best with on-demand services when they’ve experience personalized coaching in the first instance. They’ve got experience with it and have the appropriate expectation of what can be accomplished by utilizing a coach.

On-Demand services are provided on a monthly basis with a minimum 3 month requirement. All the heavy lifting is provided by our coaching services experts. There are no additional technology requirements, no scheduling hassles, no sweat – just results.

Contact us to learn more and determine if Coaching On-Demand is right for you.