Coaching Certification

Management Possible® Performance and Engagement Coaching™ Certification Process is a full year commitment. Our coaches not only maintain certification in coaching capabilities, but also in competency capabilities. When you hire a coach to develop your senior, executive or middle management team, you can bet they’ve got comprehensive understanding of the skills and behaviors you’re looking to instill.

It is our policy that all our coaches maintain their certification with us through ongoing educational seminars, client program debriefings, contract troubleshooting events, quality assurance observations and internal coach-to-coach support and development commitments.

Our coaching certification standards are some of the highest in the industry as our coaches are our front line to you. We expect excellence in delivery, consistency, professionalism, confidentiality and a deep level of knowledge in the coaching delivery, your development objectives and the competency area in which the coaching is applied.

How does the Management: Possible® coaching certification stack up against the International Coaching Federation?

The Management:Possible® coaching methodology was developed in 1985 and has been tested, proven and in use hundreds of managers and leaders across industries since then – which is ten years prior to the inception of the International Coaching Federation.

Coaching Cert

For further information on Management Possible® Performance and Engagement Coaching™ certification standards, contact us.