Coach Experience & Credibility

  • Management Possible coaches can average 600 hours of coaching per year (which equates to a little over 2 hours per day over 365 days).
  • Our coaches must maintain a 4 average on a scale of 1 to 5 on their client feedback evaluations.

  • Our coaches must attend coaching in-service events for ongoing training and development on a quarterly basis. Training and development programs includes coaching skills and behaviors as well as specific client program initiatives and overall organizational competency training Management Possible® currently delivers.

  • Our coaching policy provides that you, the client, may change a coach at any time if an assigned coach is not performing as expected.

  • Our coaching policy provides that you, the client, may request specific coaches.

  • Our coaching policy guarantees strict confidentiality.

When you work with Management Possible® certified coaches, you only need worry about one thing: how you’re going to incorporate them in your other programs.

For further information on Management Possible® coaching standards, contact us.