Coach Background Criteria

Management Possible® coaches are highly rated in their ability to deliver outcomes. They consistently receive outstanding ratings from our clients – from program to program – from year to year.

Part of our ability to provide you with such outstanding individuals is the fact we hire and train the individuals with the appropriate aptitude, education, level of corporate experience, and business backgrounds to create a powerful combination that possess both a “been-there, done-that” understanding in corporate culture as well as highly skilled development practitioner.

Our coaches and instructors have walked in your shoes, know your pain, have faced your reality and can put themselves at the level at which you need. They’ve also got training and experience with an array of assessment tools, personality profiles and benchmarking protocols that are widely used within the corporate arena as a launching point for individual development and work to accommodate utilizing the feedback you’ve already cultivated to drive your development and performance efforts forward.

The educational background of our coaches extend from BA’s, MA’s ,PhD’s in Psychology, Business, Human Resources, Theater, Medicine, and Finance. The ages extend from early 30’s to mid 60’s.

For further information on Management Possible® coaching standards, contact us.