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What makes our services superior, in addition to the quality of our methodology and programs, is our coaches. Our coaches are A-level experienced business executives that have been business leaders at the director level and above. We match our coaches to our clients based on skill, industry experience and team fit to ensure maximum results. We have a network of over 500 business executives that have a track record of success in the following functional areas, industries, and regions. The business know-how and leadership of our coaches makes them the best there is to offer.

Coaches with Management Possible® are recruited to work in one of two levels either exclusively with senior and executive managers or dedicated entirely to first-time and mid-level managers in both large and smaller, growing organizations. To be credible in working with these learners it is critical that our coaches have significant experience working at similar levels in like organizational environments. This could be in managerial roles or consulting to, training, facilitating or coaching senior managers or executives.

While training, facilitation and coaching experience will be well regarded, strong interpersonal skills and a passion for helping people develop their careers or interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills, in an energetic, rigorous and disciplined way, is essential.

Are you a business leader with a track record of success that has a passion for helping people maximize their intellect and talent and businesses succeed through building a better educated, well trained workforce? Become an Management Possible Coach. Send your resume:

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Functional Experience
· CxOs and Presidents
· Sales, Marketing and Communications
· Finance
· Human Resources
· Customer Care / Service
· Information Technology
· Product Development
· Operations and Manufacturing

Industry Experience
· Advertising
· Aerospace
· Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
· Business Services
· Computer Hardware
· Computer Software and Services
· Education and Training
· Energy and Utilities
· Entertainment and Media
· Financial Services
· Food and Beverage
· Government and Policy
· Healthcare Equipment and Services
· Internet/E-Commerce
· Manufacturing and Production
· Non-Profit
· Packaged Goods
· Printing and Publishing
· Restaurant and Food Services
· Retail
· Telecommunications
· Transportation and Travel

Regional Experience
· United States and Canada
· Africa
· Asia
· Europe
· Latin America