About Our Coaches

Management Possible® Certified Coaches

All Management Possible® coaches are trained and certified in the Management Possible® Performance and Engagement Coaching™ Methodology to assist both managers and leaders in measurable and sustainable behavioral change and skill development.

Every applicant must meet our Coaching Criteria and attain our Certification, as well as, have the experience and credibility to coach in the areas of development for which they are engaged.

We maintain a global network of coaches to engage the diversity of needs of our clients. When establishing our coaching relationship with a client we identify their sensitivities to ethnic background, language, gender, age, level of education of participants, intellectual drives of the participants, experience and exposure to learning.

Our coaches are:

  • Intensively trained,
  • Equipped and certified with the skills to empower others through personal commitment, applied discipline and mental and emotional strength.
Our coaches are equipped to:
  • Identify the performance gaps of the learner,
  • Win individual commitment to the learning,
  • Construct applied practice,
  • Build learning partnerships based on trust, competence and confidentiality,
  • Drive continuous practice and reflection to lift the competence of the learner.

The primary goal of every coach, trained and employed by Management Possible®, is to function as an effective change agent and to instill in every learner the desire for life-long, self-driven learning, striving to always be the best they can be in performing as a corporate professional.

The coaching experience adds a supportive, stable relationship, to any learning. Your managers and executives and our coaches form individual partnerships built on trust and discipline. We build relationships based on continuous learning, effective action and behavioral change. Coaching, for us, is not designed to be a corrective, reactive event. Nor is it designed to be purely conversational. Your managers and executives receive the critical support and discipline required to pro-actively elevate their current performance and skills to a sustainable and permanent superior level relative to your business objectives.

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