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Don’t You Wish You Could Get Performance Insurance – instead of having performance reviews?

Unlocking human potential is critical for your business success. Competitive companies have managers who, not only deliver results, they have managers who can realistically cultivate better performance and effectively groom talent.

So where, in an environment of deadlines and bottom lines, do your managers find the time to cultivate and groom?

Performance review conversations cost time and under-deliver. Coaching skills are taught but rarely applied. Why?

Managers are over committed and overwhelmed; and typically not held accountable for the “how” (performance), only for the “what” (results.) Without accountability there is no real commitment to fully engage in significant improvement or development.

  • If you want 21st century management that sharpens your competitive advantage
  • If you want to ensure that the good people you hire, experience growth, remain challenged and stay with the organization
  • If you want managers who can consistently deliver improved performance from their direct reports
  • And you want insurance that it’s going to actually happen,

Your managers need to get coachED™


Teach your time-crunched managers how to inspire employees 
to give the very best of themselves

coachED™ combines two critical skill sets: managing performance – daily –  and coaching for development. This combination fundamentally lifts the baseline of your management capabilities. It’s tactical, practical, and fast.

coachED™ transforms employee performance, drives accountability, improves critical thinking, and develops the capability and potential of your employees.


You cant beat face time.

CONTENT – Content is specifically built for time-crunched managers. We break it down, make it practical, and keep it tactical. Managers immediately start to apply what they learn.
CONTEXT – Context makes it real. You get personalized coaching from an experienced and certified Performance & Engagement Coach™.
PERSONALIZATION – We work with you, on an individual basis, to identify and effectively apply the skills you need and want within the context of your job role and your specific organizational challenges.
PRACTICE – Practice is mandatory. Coaching is all about practice, application and reflection. You practice live, one-on-one – either over the phone, the internet, or in person – building confidence, skill mastery, and behavior change.
SPEED & SCALABILITY – You get speed, because we work to scale – every manager works independently with a coach. This one-on-one focus increases speed to impact. Because if you expect your managers to coach it’s a hundred times more effective when they start out being coached.

What’s the bottom line?

When your management team gets coachED™ you unlock potential. We guarantee it. You get much better performance – from your managers and your employees – or we didn’t do our job


  • 133- day learning curve.
  • Up to 25 participants per workshop.
  • Appropriate for any level of management.
  • Delivered by Management: Possible® faculty.
  • 40 hours of live learning.
  • 19-weeks of practice and focus.

Set up a free 30-45 minute strategy session with a master coach to see how this program aligns to your business and development goals and get all your questions answered. Please choose a time below and we will call you.