Better Performance Conversations = Better Outcomes

Why Is it So Hard To Talk Frankly About Performance?

So why is it so hard for some managers to talk frankly with their direct reports, colleagues, co-workers, and potentially up-line managers about taking responsibility for their own performance and results (goals, targets, objectives, initiatives or promises of support and/or change) in a way that doesn’t create friction, or negative feelings that can potentially deteriorate the working relationship and/or sabotage productivity, willingness, engagement or limit career objectives? It is the fear, of these very outcomes, that prevents most managers from even an authentic attempt to have the critical conversations, to drive the level of accountability needed to maintain or raise the bar for employee performance.

When individual contributors – apprentices, line workers, craftsmen – developers, engineers – technicians, researchers, team leads – are promoted into roles of responsibility to manage work teams or groups they need more than just the experience of the work. They also need more than company policies and process know-how. They need to effectively engage and drive the employees they’ve been given. Unfortunately, most of them have only learned the most critical management skills from the person (or people) who have managed them. If they were managed well, you stand a chance. If they weren’t, you’re breeding management mediocrity at each promotion.

There are a simple set of skills managers can learn to turn that around.
They can be learned in a couple of days and applied immediately. And, with some directed practice and reflection, they can be mastered in less than a business quarter.

If this is an issue your company is facing, struggling with – low or no accountability – you can change it. You can improve your manager’s capabilities, change your team, department or company culture, in a short period of time, for a reasonable cost with a targeted and most importantly, personalized learning experience for your managers.

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Critical Skills • Personalized •Easy to Integrate • Fast Results

All managers spend the majority of their time dealing with the people they manage. It’s a lot of talking, problem-solving, question-answering, and direction giving. Not to mention result checking and performance measuring – in short it’s pretty much performance managing all the time. It’s driving accountability. It’s tough conversations. It’s critical feedback when employees need it the most.

The Management: Possible® is here to deliver the kind of management performance training that actually delivers the behavior changes you’re seeking – and we’re taking it personal!

We’re Not Just Talk–We’re Action!

The Personalized  Experience

The Management: Possible® Performance Accountability classroom course or PodCourse™ is a unique experience as it allowing you both the autonomy of self-driven learning – learning at your own speed, on your own time without taking significant time away from your work; or a deeper collective classroom experience. However, you are not left to implement what you learn on your own. The coaching experience included as part of either program is where you will find the most value. It is time with your Performance and Engagement Coach™ that will assist you in achieving fuller comprehension of the program content as well – or more critically – the application of the skills provided within the context of your personal work demands, objectives and management challenges. You will find that you can quickly advance your own skill-set and improve your personal impact into the business in relatively short order.

Pick Your Platform

Live, Instructor-Led • Web • Mobile
Management: Possible® can deliver the development experience anyway you want it. If you have the need of more cohesive team management, a live, on-site instructor led course may be the best option. If your team is disbursed maybe a web-based delivery is optimal. And of course, if they are on the go – we’ve got your back there too!

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We Offer:

Seven (7) to nine (9) weeks of continuous learning and improvement utilizing self-driven learning (managers can learn and review content on their own as many times as they need) with three (3) hours or more (if desired and at an additional cost) of one-on-one, individualized, live coaching for each manager enrolled. The learning content includes eleven (11) individual video podcasts  equaling over 8 hours of learning material or a full-day of live instruction, peer interaction and practice.

By the time a manager completes the either format of the course he/she will have experienced approximately 20 hours of development as a result of both self-driven, coached and personalized hands-on learning.

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